We offer a complete range of:

  • Automatic gates
  • Automatic barriers
  • Access control
  • Automatic bollards

Access Control Systems

The access control installation service we provide puts the protection of your entry and exit gates and doors right at your fingertips. Your residential or commercial properties gain that extra security needed from our access control systems. This therefore gives our customers the peace of mind they need, whether they are on or off site.

Should you require a completely new solution, or need to update an existing system, we can help. We have many access control systems available and offer a free no obligation site survey of your premises and current security. Therefore we will be able to establish and implement an arrangement that is right for your building and its use

Electric gates
When choosing automatic gates it is very important that the correct system is installed from a system suitable for a residential property with a usage of 20 times a day to a heavy duty system suitable for a multiple occupancy development or commercial site.

All types of gates can be automated including wooden gates, wrought iron gates and steel gates.. The benefits of having metal or wooden electric gates include, increased security, control over those that enter or leave your premises and convenience.

The type of gates you have and the space available:

Sliding Gates
Sliding gates are the perfect solution to add metal or wooden automatic gates to your property where there is limited space either side of the gates or uneven, sloping ground. Sliding gates are also more secure than swing gates as they provide more resistance to forced entry.

Swing Gates
A swing gate automated system can be added to any type of gate, however they will require considerably more space than sliding gates. Electric gates with a swing motion also work best of flat ground. Swing gates are a cheaper option to sliding gates, as their automation system is simpler.

There are also two different types of automatic system available, either above ground or underground:

  • Above Ground System
    An above ground system is perfect if you are looking for a simple system or have a limited budget. Cheaper than an underground system, the above ground system requires no excavation, as it is post mounted and fully visible.
  • Below Ground System
    Although more expensive than above ground systems, an underground system is more aesthetically pleasing as it is totally concealed underground. Excavation work is required during installation. We will ensure that all work is carried out efficiently and the ground is left as it was found.
    See link: http://www.camebpt.ie
    Intercom systems available for all installations

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